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“Yoga is great for cultivating peace, healing, injury prevention, building flexibility, strength and more. Made suitable for all bodies, abilities, ages and backgrounds!”


B E G I N N E R’ S  Y O G A

Focuses more on alignment with variations to postures, extra guidance and assistment offered along the way. Beginner’s classes are a great introduction to Yoga if you are just starting out or great to redefine your already established practice.



F L O W  Y O G A

This class is like a Vinyasa class but different. We begin with a gentle warm up then gradually increase our pacwhile targeting more muscle groups to help build your strength and cardiovascular health with some nice stretching at the end. All while in accordance with the breath and music – a union of the mind, body and soul. Just bring a bottle!




I N T E R M E D I A T E  Y O G A

This class is formulated  for those who have taken our Beginner’s Classes and are now wanting to take a little hop up in their Yoga or for those who have practiced for a little while and are confident to take a step into progression to deepen their practice.




M E D I T A T I O N  C L A S S E S

Don’t hate meditate! Bring stillness of the mind, clarity othought, inner peace and tranquility and allow yourself to take a break at one of our Mindfulness meditations, White light meditations, Chakra balancing meditations, Candle meditations, Full moon meditations, New moon meditations, Mantra meditations and more!



U N W I N D  &  U N R A V E L

This is a nice slow restorative yoga flow that will release lactic acid similarily to a massage so it’s great if you’re feeling sore or need to relax. Gift yourself this as part of your self-love routine and wellbeing, then watch your whole being thank you for it!




S O U L  C L A S S

This is a yoga class that focuses more on the spiritual side of yoga. With info on which chakra points and energy we are aiding in the postures and a little mantra too.






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